Who says Democracy is Dead?

I have a Dilemma.

I have a few different projects that I have been juggling, some you know about, and some you don't (yet).

One of the projects that I have been toying with when I feel I need a break from writing is designing book covers for my stories, both ones that are already done and ones that haven't been announced yet. It feels like I haven't been doing much at all because I haven't had much that has reached a presentable stage yet.

When the flood gates do open though, I think quite a few projects are going to come to fruition at the same time, and quite frankly I run the risk of everyone suffering from "Christopher Godsoe overload".

I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

I do need your help though, and since the work I do is really to share with you, I figured that I might as well let you help me make a decision.

I have been working on a replacement cover for my first short story to go up for sale, "Where I Can't Follow", and have reached the point where I can't really proceed until I make a couple of decisions.

The first decision is the font for the Title and Author Name, and the other is if I leave the picture of the Thunderbird fully saturated or do I desaturate it so that it looks like an old photograph?

I have provided images of each below, and while they obviously need a little more touching up, I think the quality is good enough so that you can make a decision.

I will give each a name, and if you could put in the comments section below which one you like best it will go a long way in helping me decide.

I look forward to seeing what you guys think is best! Again, please either let me know either via the "Comments" section below this post, via commenting on the post on my Facebook fan page Here, or by emailing me Here.

See, it's good to have options!

I will post the decision as soon as a clear majority arises, and also don't forget to become a fan of my facebook fan page Here , as this will be one of the two short story ebooks given away to the first 100 to join up!

Thanks again for checking out my site!


  1. Chris:

    I like the first one, if your going for Happy Days-type Americana, then your first photo is my fav.

  2. With the description of the story (based on the Amazon blurb), I feel that the photo with decreased saturation is a better fit. I prefer the Americana font, though I really cannot say why.

  3. Thank you to you both. So far the votes are as follows:

    Americana Normal Saturation-1
    Americana Decreased Saturation-1
    Script Normal Saturation-2
    Script Decreased Saturation-0

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me out!


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