Introducing the Book Cover Workshop!

     After a few false starts, I've managed to finally get my YouTube tutorial channel off the ground. It's a chance for me to share the knowledge I've acquired working in computer graphics with the rest of the independent publishing community.

     For my first tutorial, I've chosen an intermediate difficulty technique to give you an idea of the kinds of videos that this channel will be filled with soon. Not all of them will require knowledge of 3D software, and I will always let you know which software is required in the thumbnail at the start of the video, so up front you will know which programs you will need to download to follow along.

     I will try to use as only Free and Open Source software in the tutorials, because there are great FOSS programs out there, and I didn't want to create tutorials meant to help indie authors save money by making their own covers, only to require them to buy software that might run over a thousand dollars.

     So, with no further adieu, here is the first tutorial, introducing a technique that will help you realistically wrap a 2D image around a simulated 3D space, and to combine them back together again into an image that you can then use in your covers.

     It runs quite a bit longer than I originally intended, but moving forward I will be including more introductory tutorials, and they will be in the 5-15 minute range. If there is anything you would like to learn, or if there is a aspect of book cover creation that you would like me to explore, feel free to drop me a message, either here, on facebook, or on the YouTube channel, which you can reach by clicking on the Book Cover Workshop logo at the upper left of this post.