The Obligatory end of 2012 post!


I was really hoping to be able to say that I had finished the first draft of pre://d.o.mai.n in this post.

Alas, I came up a little short.

I currently stand at 70183 words, and by my best estimations I am just under 10,000 words short of finishing. Once I finish editing, It should finish around the mystical 75k mark. It is coming together better than I thought it would, which is why I decided to take my time and let it breathe rather than rush it for the big reveal in this post.

I decided to spend the time I wasn't writing on redesigning this site for the new year. It was getting a little stale, a little complicated. I wanted to go with something a little more eloquent, a little more clean. The previous design had become too complex, like a poorly laid out amusement park. It had alot to look at, alot of distractions.

In many ways, the redesign of this site mirrors my evolving philosophy towards my writing. I've allowed myself to be distracted by alot of things that I should have prioritized better. I lost sight of what is truly important. I've been putting the cart before the horse, making movie trailers, planning my next move, etc. I needed to, as <a href="">Chuck Wendig</a> likes to say, "Finish your shit."

So that is my plan for 2013. To finish pre://d.o.mai.n, and to minimize distractions. I have made enough plans, came up with enough ideas for my next book (which is not likely to be the second book in the d.o.mai.n series) to hold me over.

I will finish pre://d.o.mai.n, and following that, I will be writing something that will flow a little easier. Either a romance novel, or a Literary Fiction piece that will be pretty ambitious. Those are on the back burner, and I will do my very best to avoid sparing them a second thought until I "Finish my shit."

So I will get to them, eventually. Call it "job security". I've played around a little with writing a blurb for pre://d.o.mai.n, and I will paste it below to close this post.

-What would you do, to save someone you love from death? Miles Torvalds never expected to have to answer that question, but that is exactly where he finds himself. His mother is dying of cancer, which isn't quite the death sentence it would have been a generation before, but in order to save her, Miles will need to decide how far he is willing to go. In the days that follow, Miles will find the answer to that question, and where that answer takes him will shape the person he is to become.

It still needs some work, but there's time for that, once I have a draft that I feel confident in.

I would like to thank you all for your support this year. This site has grown in leaps and bounds from where it began the year. With your help, alot of hard work, and a fair bit of luck, the trend will continue in 2013.