Exciting News!

Long time, no speak!

Sorry about the lack of updates, I know the lack of updates on my site here have been keeping everyone up at nights with worry. (Yes, I'm kidding)

But worry not! I have been busy, and while I'm not ready to divulge every detail of what I have up my sleeve, I am ready to announce it.

I have decided to release my entire short story collection (The two that are already for sale), along with three never before published stories in a single work. 

My reasoning? Last year was my "feeling out process" year for publishing. I wanted to learn all I could, make my mistakes with shorter stories before I offered up pre://d.o.mai.n later this year. 

I am still hard at work on pre://d.o.mai.n, but I recently realized that I had overlooked one critical portion of the publishing process that I had yet to explore. I have yet to produce something that you can tangibly hold in your hand, a paperback novel or collection that you could read and then hand over to a friend to borrow. 

Aside from the obvious lessons in formatting that I was overlooking, I realized that having my own paperback was a logical next step before I release pre://d.o.mai.n. I want to hold a book in my hands with my name on it, shed the unavoidable tear of accomplishment, then rededicate myself to my upcoming science fiction novel with renewed vigor. 

After going back and forth on the title for a few days (have you ever tried to name a collection of short stories and novellas? Seriously, It's an awful experience), I have settled on a title-Covinous.

There are other titles that I felt better fit the collection I am currently editing together, but a quick search on Amazon brought me to the startling realization that every single title had been used and abused by a dozen or so authors. I wanted something new, something I could claim as my own. Judging by the fact that my word processor insists on underlining "Covinous" with that red squiggly line indicating that I have misspelt the word (Yes, I double checked it-I've got it right), I'd say it's obscure enough to do the trick (and zero results on every book store for a matching title reaffirmed it if it was ever in doubt). 

So, you may be asking yourself (if you didn't already wuss out and Google the damn thing), "just what the hell does Covinous mean? Well, glad you asked. brought to you via the magic of an online dictionary and Cut and Paste, I give you the definition of "Covinous". 

Cov´in`ous    (k?v´?n-?s)
a. 1. (Law) Deceitful; collusive; fraudulent; dishonest.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

Why would I choose this word for the title of my book? Well, in order to keep the streak of quickly answered rhetorical questions going I will dispense with the drama and tell you. Each of the stories contained in this collection have one thing in common-twist endings. 

Each story begins as one thing and becomes something else before it's conclusion. They vary in genre from Fantasy/Science Fiction to Horror to Adventure and finally Literary Fiction. So, rather than just call it "Christopher Godsoe's collection of really cool stories of varying lengths and genre's", I decided to use the title to unify them. Well, that and I don't want to have to try to cram that all on the book cover and have it look aesthetically pleasing, lol)

I am currently working on the cover, and will of course release that here once I have reached a point where I am happy with it. (Seriously, I have Blender open in a separate tab as I write this).

I'm pretty damn excited about this. More so than I probably should be, since two of the stories have been available for months, but the feeling persists anyways. 

So, just wanted to break the silence and let everyone know that I'm not spending these silent days rocking back and forth on my ass, drooling out the corner of my mouth with a vacant expression on my face, lol. 

I will share details as they become more concrete (the cover, release date, etc.).

Until then, enjoy the fine sub-zero weather we have been having (unless you don't happen to live in Central Maine as I do), and tell Al Gore to kiss your ass with his global warming crap.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Chris - Congrats on the good news! Can't wait to read some new (new for me anyway) stories from you and maybe even get a signed copy! ;) After you explained it (I'm too lazy even to Google) I like the title and see it fits perfectly. Hope the process goes smoothly and I'm holding a copy soon!

  2. Thanks Frank! Yeah, I'm looking forward to having a tangible book in my hands as well. Hopefully I can finish my revisions, write my forewords, and get this thing kicked out of the nest soon.


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