"OK"....a lost poem.

Found this poem that I had written during my divorce a few years ago, and while I don't really identify with most of these emotions anymore (seriously, it was like two years ago, lol) I didn't really have anything else to post tonight so I'm putting it up for everyone to read.

I think everyone at some point experiences loss, so perhaps everyone will be able to find something in it that touches them personally.


By: Christopher Godsoe

Uncertainty. Unfamiliarity.
Not really sure where I’m supposed to be.
Emptiness appears, aching to be filled
Lonely walks….Suddenly.

Where do I go now?
Gotta keep moving, somehow.
Like a Roadrunner off a cliff
Keep your feet moving, to avoid going down.

What did I do wrong?
Where did I err?
It’s the same old song,
But with my own tears.

But, it’s ok.
It’ll all work out.
Fake the smile, do what it takes
Until there’s no more doubt.
Face the facts,
Everything is changing
I'm powerless to stop it
So let it out.

It’s no ones fault
We did our best to coexist.
But existing ain't what life’s about.
We both deserve better than this.

A life of concessions,
Half-kept promises
Makes half a life,
With no exceptions

But in the silent void
In what’s left of my life
I've found myself
Who I surprisingly like

So, it’s ok.
I’ll figure it out.
Forget the smiles, do what it takes
Until I know what my life is about.
Face the facts,
Everything is gone
We’re powerless to stop it
So it’s time to move on.

I can see the need,
In the eyes of my son
A need he’s too proud to mention
Things he shouldn't have to see

Then one day, I realize
The world can tolerate my hurt, my anger
For it’s large in size
But its memory is smaller

It’s ok to be me.
I’m better that way
no more holding back my glow
time to let others see

But, it’s OK.
I've worked it all out.
I've found my smile, raised the stakes
Warn the world to watch out.
I've faced the facts,
Everything is different now
You’re powerless to stop it
So get out.

I think I originally conceived it as a song.......but then I remembered that I have absolutely no musical talent. (Seriously, did you hear the guitar playing in my book trailer for "Where I Can't Follow?".....atrocious, lol)

Now that I read this......I'm not much of a poet either, lol. Oh well, at least I have this writing thing to fall back on if my day job doesn't work out ;-)

So, let me know what you think. Tomorrow I will unveil the NaNoWriMo edition of the cover for "d.o.mai.n Book 1-pre://d.o.mai.n"!



  1. This hit close to home as Ive been thru a divorce too. Its inspiring! Great job :)

  2. Thanks :-). Longfellow I am not, but it came from the heart, so it's useful to look back at sometimes when I feel the need to remind myself what I've overcome.


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