The Judgment Cove Launch Giveaway-Part 1

I came to a conclusion tonight.

I am going to hold off for a day or two to announce the giveaway.

I found myself wondering how much interest it would generate without pictures of the prize, and decided to announce everything at once. I will let those of you that have already purchased Judgment Cove will only need to complete one more small step to become qualified-write an HONEST review on either or

I capitalize HONEST because the purpose of this contest is not to convince people to lie for me, it's to generate both sales (the price of entrance is only .99 for the book) and feedback, for me and potential readers. Every review will get one entry, no exceptions.

It's mildly embarrassing to admit, but I had a hard time properly describing the prize. I will tell you that it is an accessory for your ereader (no matter which ereader you own), it is not a skin or something weak like that, and I can personally vouch for it's uniqueness, as I will be crafting it with my own two hands.

It will be made from a medium that I have a fair amount of experience with, and it will be very cool. It will be "themed" by the story in the book, but that theme will only be obvious to those that already know of it's origin (meaning-it will not be some tacky advertisement for my book or myself, it will be a real object, UPS will be involved, and it will be something that you will hopefully enjoy and find use of).

So that is all for now. If you are willing to take my word on it that the prize (as well as the book) are worth a bit of your time and money, please feel free to pick up a copy at the links below, with my sincere thanks and wish of good luck.

I will have more details either tomorrow or Monday, as tomorrow I will be riding in the 28 mile Pedal the Penobscot bike race. Needless to say, Sunday afternoon I expect to be even more useless than normal, lol.

As always, thanks for taking the time to check out my site! If you have any guesses as to what the prize might be, feel free to leave a comment below and I will let you know if you are right :-)