2011 Pedal the Penobscot Live Progress Map!

Sunday, September 11th I am going to be participating in the Pedal the Penobscot Bike Race. As the thought of me riding in a 28 mile bike ride is pretty much the height of hilarity in my book, I have decided to take the joke all the way and make sure everyone can see how out of shape I am. I've decided to put up a map that will track my progress in real time.

At 10:00AM tomorrow this map will go live, and you can follow along. (I will be the dot)

I do this for two reasons.

1.If I can feel people watching me, I might try a little harder.
2.If I pass out, people will have my exact GPS coordinates to dispatch the EMT's.

So follow along if you have nothing better to do, it might be end up being entertaining.


  1. The app running on my phone to update this map kept crashing, but to give everyone an update I made it about 8-9 miles before I received a call and had to stop.

    I'm not saying that I would have made it much further, but it was a good experience regardless.


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