Finally got around to making a "Fan" page on FB......

Alright, I had been holding off on this for various reasons.

To start, the whole concept of me having "Fans" always seemed very presumptuous. I always imagined having some watershed event that I could point to and say, "There, that's when I arrived". I came to the realization that I should already have had this setup, so that if I do manage to capture lightning in a bottle and strike it big, Its there to capitalize on the momentum.

I know the chances of my becoming a best-selling author are slim, I know that the chances of enough people becoming interested in my writing to need to obscure the eccentricities available on my personal page from them is even more remote.

Of course, like most of my promotional work so far, it's free, and it's not taking up space that more deserving writers should have on a webserver, so what the hell, right?

So, the site can be found here- Christopher Godsoe-Author

I hope you take a moment to "Like" it if you are at all interested in hearing about my writing. In time I will segway away from posting updates on my personal pages from my blogs and will post them on the "Like" page only.

So, I hope you decide to join my fan page, it will soon be the best way to hear about all of the really interesting stuff I have in the works. From time to time I will host contests with some of my larger launches, and games, images, and everything that you will only see there.

'til next time ;-)