It was time for a few changes up in heah!

In my never ending pursuit to make this blog ever more entertaining, I have made a few subtle changes to the layout.

The layout of this blog is kinda like a company handbook, subject to change without notice. Which, in the case of your job, makes the "Company Handbook" not worth the paper it is printed on, but that is a personal opinion. 

My aspirations for this blog are much more lofty. Now that I have reconstituted my desktop computer and once again have access to all of my files, I will again be making regular updates (I loathe typing on the laptop, my wrists keep hitting the touch pad, and before I know it half of my last sentence has mysteriously appeared in the center of a previous one).

The first addition, if you will look to your left, is to give you a taste of what is coming. Upcoming literary and multimedia releases will be added as they are conceived, and will disappear as they are released. 

Think of it as my to do list.

The list is by no means comprehensive, I have plenty of other projects in the works, but I wish to keep them secret as of this time.

Beneath that you will find the "Popular Posts" heading, which includes the posts with the most page views ranked in order of popularity. It's like High School all over again folks, but such is the Representative Republic.....err....democracy that we live in. If your favorite post didn't make the cut, traverse my latest nugget of self indulgence and look to the right, under the heading "Blog Archive".

Here you can find everything ever posted on this site by yours truly. Yes, those of you that know me understand that my blog is once again a reflection of my outlook on life, as I never throw anything away. Kidding.....kinda.

You can click on the gray triangles and the months that are collapsed will expand like frickin' magic. Once you find your favorite post of all time, you have my permission to open it up and click on the refresh button on your browser to pad it's stats.

And speaking of stats, that brings me to the final addition, a hit counter at the bottom of the page. Due to my long windedness, it will take longer to scroll to the bottom than it takes for your characters image to make the journey up the single-player championship mountain in Mortal Kombat (video game reference for those of you not technologically inclined), but once there, you will see how many hits this page has gotten since it's inception in March. 

It currently sits around 700, which for some of you will sound quite good, and some of you will see it as proof that I am obviously not quite as big a deal as you thought I was.

Which is ok......Rome wasn't built in a day.......I think I'll have some Parkay......What do you say?......I just may.......Ok I'm done. 

So please, check out my updates, and as always let me know what you think. If it's positive, post a comment and I will see it, if it's negative.........just keep it to yourself. Kidding. 

Alright, if you couldn't already tell I am exhausted and rambling, so I will close by again taking the time to check out my site.