Treasure "Bit"Map......

(You see what I did there? LOL)

Alright, having today off from my day job I decided to tackle one of my myriad projects, designing a cover for the first part of my story "Judgement Cove", due to appear in the June issue of
On Art's Edge!

My apologies, the quality is not going to be that great on here, out of respect to the E-Zine. So make sure that you click on the Facebook fan page above so that you can see the full resolution image, read the first segment of the story and also take a look at all of the talented artists' work contained within in the June 1st issue.

Here's the Cover:

With each part of the story the art on the treasure map will change, so there's another reason to scope out the remainder of the story in subsequent issues (if the need to see how it all concludes doesn't get you).

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you all enjoy the story! June 1st sure is taking it's sweet time getting here!


  1. Nice cover art! Can't wait to finally read the story in June!

  2. Thanks Frank! I'm currently working on a much more ambitious multimedia project for my upcoming short story AZTLAN, which should be out soon. And of course I will post it here for everyone.


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