Sorry for the absence....

....but rest assured that I have been busy ;-)

I have been working on a new three-part work for the new online e-zine "On Arts Edge", titled "Judgement Cove".

Updates on upcoming episodes can be found at the following facebook fan page

The story follows a summer in the life of Steve White. Steve's parents have reached the breaking point with his delinquency, his lack of effort and attendance in school, but mostly his incessant need to express himself creatively by spreading graffiti.

This artistic expression is not in and of itself illegal, but his canvas choices do not share in his artistic vision, namely his school, town and government buildings, and local businesses.

Steve's parents have decided to draw a line in the sand and try to right his ship by enrolling him in a summer camp for "misguided youths" named Judgement Cove.

Things begin to take a turn for the weird almost immediately as his parents leave the driveway, and what follows will shape his life in profound ways that he could have never imagined.

The inspiration for the story came to me in a dream, and in the way dreams do, it helped me through a brief period of uncertainty in my life.

I encourage you to check out "On Arts Edge", I'm extremely excited to have my story appear there amidst the other impressive works.


  1. Good to see ya back, Chris! Your story sounds great. I'm heading over to Facebook to check out "On Arts Edge" now!

  2. Thanks Frank, it's definitely an interesting project and I can't wait to see how it comes out. I think I'm going to fire up Photoshop and Blender and make an image for the story, just gotta put the last few finishing touches on the first part.....first, LOL Thanks for checking it out and continuing to follow my aimless ramblings :-)


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