The d.o.mai.n Universe

The d.o.mai.n universe is a post cyberpunk science fiction series. My goal is to tell the story of the emerging technology of a decade or two in the future, things that are just now getting up and running in laboratories (in part or in full), and through the branching narratives of a small cast of characters, explore how that technology might impact our lives as we move forward. It deals with themes of transhumanism, augmented and virtual reality, mind uploading, etc, and the culture that could arise from those advancements.

The series will alternate between long form novels and short story collections. Many of the stories that deserve to be told, yet would either not fit into the narrative flow of the long form novels, or chronologically take place between those stories, will be told through the short story collections.

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d.o.mai.n Universe Book 1  

Hypervisor One
d.o.mai.n Universe Short Story Collection 1